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Computer Vision Syndrome

It’s amazing how many times patients come in with computer vision symptoms despite having an “Ergonomically Designed” computer station. What we frequently find is a lack of attention to the visual needs and in particular the height of the monitor. Monitors should not be at eye level. Yet this is where ninety percent of them are located.

As more workers spend increasing amounts of time on computers, the number of persons with tired, red, irritated eyes is also increasing dramatically. People with these symptoms have been shown to be less productive at work. A thorough exam including an evaluation for the ergonomics and visual prescription matching your computer can make an enormous difference in both your visual comfort and productivity.

There are also new specialized computer lenses for patients who spend lesser amounts of time on computers. These lenses make a big difference on visual comfort and overall efficiency.


Patients who work on computers often need a special pair of computer glasses with a different prescription than their “everyday” glasses. Failure to have such “computer glasses” often results in yearly increases in nearsightedness, headaches, eyestrain and reduced productivity and work. The evaluation for these glasses involves measurements for the distance of the monitor and any text that is being copied.

New specialty computer lenses with much wider clear zones are now available for these who spend hours on a computer. These lenses improve both visual comfort and work efficiency.