Refractive Surgery

Laser Vision Correction is a term that includes several laser surgical procedures designed to eliminate or reduce the need for glasses. It includes LASIK, which is presently the most popular procedure, as well as PRK and Epi-Lasik. These laser procedures are actually part of a larger surgical category known as “Refractive Surgery”. In addition to the laser procedures, there is AK (Astigmatic Keratectomy), CK, corneal rings and refractive lensectomy. The number of procedures increases each year, and it is part of our job to advise you on which procedure will best fit your visual needs. This individual patient education is part of the service we provide during our pre-operative evaluation.

What We Do For You

Your pre-operative evaluation is more than just a thorough eye exam. Your individual eye characteristics, such as thinner-than-normal corneas or irregularly-shaped corneas, may mean we refer you for a particular procedure that works well with that characteristic. Because the new procedures evolve so rapidly, the patient qualifications also change rapidly. A poor candidate last year may be able to have a new procedure this year. We will discuss the issue and recommend a procedure, and maybe a specific surgeon, that will maximize your surgical results. We also provide on-going post-operative care, since it is important to continue to monitor your retinal and corneal health even after surgery.

Our Refractive Surgeons

Our office works with a number of refractive surgeons. This is important because some surgeons have far more experience in certain procedures than others. Our office always strives to utilize highly experienced surgeons who tend to specialize in certain procedures. 


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Casey Eye Institute

CRT - Corneal Refractive Therapy

CRT is a unique rigid gas permeable contact lens designed to temporarily correct myopia (nearsightedness) by gently and reversibly reshaping your cornea while you sleep. You may then be able to go throughout the day without any lenses.  CRT can be a great option for the patient that is struggling with their contact lenses during the day but doesn't want to commit to LASIK surgery.