Service with pride

We take the time to ask questions and listen to our patients.

The most important part of an examination of any kind, including an eye examination, is when the doctor talks to you about the problems you are having. Our office utilizes many of the latest instruments, but these are not as important as a detailed discussion about your visual health. We probably take a bit longer than some other doctors, but our doctors feel strongly that unless we get to know you fairly well and discuss your job, hobbies, computer use, nutrition, exercise, general health and medications, family history and other factors it will be difficult to provide you with the best solutions to your visual needs. These questions also offer us invaluable insights into your risk of developing certain eye diseases.

In addition to being eyecare providers, we are also patients. We feel the consistent overbooking by some offices that results in long waits for patients is inconsiderate and rude, and we donít do it.